New Year's Resolutions from Bhagavad-Gita

The New Year has come and it is also time to make a new set of resolutions. The desires of humans have more-or-less remained the same over the years. While the specifications keep on changing, the core wants remain the same. So, why not look into an ancient document for some new resolutions for the year 2010?

A 2007 survey1 showed that only 12% of the New Year’s Resolutions are actually fulfilled, so let’s keep it simple and have four plain goals for this year.

Smile often
Slow down
Sleep well
Stay focused

Smile often
A smile is just the beginning of joy, which slowly steps towards happiness and bliss. One can be happy by truly wanting to be happy, keeping away from anger, and controlling desires.

“In the midst of daily life,
if one can endure the turmoil
caused by selfish desire and anger,
then he is truly happy.
Indeed, he is a yogi.”2

Slow down
The world is constantly trying to outwit time and there is a mad rush everywhere. Slowing down the processes will ensure longevity. But you can go slow and steady only when you have control over yourself.

You should first control the senses
and then shatter Desire,
the sinful destroyer
of knowledge and discretion.

Sleep well
Let us not get so busy that we don’t have time for healthy food and a good night’s sleep.

Indeed, yoga is not for one
who eats too much or too little;
it is also not for one
who sleeps too much
or stays awake for too long.

Stay focused
Life-spans are short in today's fast and flashy world. The fashion of today is outdated by tomorrow. Success comes by sustaining interest over long periods of time without losing focus and enthusiasm.

The focus of one with an unwavering mind
is single-pointed in this world.
But for the one with a quivering mind
pulled in a thousand ways,
decisions are endless.

While we can strive to improve as we walk along, we can never be sure. Let us try to sincerely implement the wisdom in our daily life and I'm sure we can do better than 12% this year!

2All Bhagavad-Gita verses quoted in this article are from our translation


  1. Sushama1/30/2010

    My first visit to this site - marvellous work. Looking forward to the book!

  2. Just visited this - and yes I am looking forward to the book.