The greatest people I have met in my time and station
are those who seem common and ordinary;
quietly doing their work with focus and devotion,
not looking for any rewards or glory;
enjoying and cherishing every moment of their lives
with a smile on their lips and with a sparkle in their eyes;
not displaying talents or voicing opinions,
responding rather than reacting to situations;
observant, conscious, satisfied, tranquil,
unmoved by the forces of good or evil;
bearing no baggages of hate or envy,
holding no memories of pain or sorrow;
thankful for every single day,
unconcerned about tomorrow;
calm amidst chaos and crises,
untouched by hurdles and trifles;
harming none yet choosing not to beg or pray,
treating everyone in the same humble way;
unchanged in their spirit yet willing to cope,
unpertubed by despair, unattached to hope;
uninterested in belonging or identity,
eternally in resonance with the eternity;
respecting life yet unafraid of death or destruction,
not lusting behind any truths or seeking salvation,
yet find it impossible to tell a lie.

Hari Ravikumar

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